While I was browsing through this month’s Vertigo releases, Jock’s cover of Scalped #48 really caught my eye. Apart from being incredibly striking, and beautifully composed, as Jock’s Scalped covers always are - it really made me think of the cover to The Human Centipede. I mentioned this on Twitter and said, jokingly of course, [...]

The website negativezone.co.uk is reporting the news that this weekend at Kapow! Comic Con, Andy Diggle and Jock announced that they would be collaborating on a new creator-owned project called Snapshot! According to The Negative Zone, Diggle outlined the basic premise of the story as being centered around a man working in a San Francisco [...]

It’s finally here, my best of 2010 list! Sorry that it’s out so late, I know that the done thing is to have the list out by the end of the year, but screw convention, right? The reason that it is so late can be attributed to a combination of equal parts busyness, laziness, and [...]

DC’s The Source blog is reporting that Detective Comics #871 has sold out, and that the issue is heading back for a second printing The issue was the first of a run by the new creative team of writer Scott Snyder, and artists Jock and Francesco Francavilla. You can check out the second printing variant [...]

Mark Millar has been Tweeting this morning about the fact that he is launching a new British Comic Convention called Kapow! Comic Con. The convention is planned to be held on April 9 and 10, 2011 at the London Business Design Centre. Guests announced so far include Andy Diggle, Jock, Steve Dillon, Duncan Fegredo, David [...]

The DC Comics blog just posted a piece of artwork from Jock’s upcoming run on Detective Comics, and I just had to share it here, because it’s so jaw-droppingly awesome! Jock is set to start his run on Detective Comics, with Scott Snyder writing, beginning with issue #871 of the series. Is it me, or [...]

Marvel’s Daredevil title is set to come to an end in November, with issue #512, an issue that ties in with the events of the mega-hit Daredevil ‘event’ mini-series, Shadowland. With this in mind, Marvel have been releasing a series of teasers, about who will be the new “Man Without Fear”. Including teasers featuring: Nova, [...]

The big rumour going around San Diego Comic-Con this last weekend was that New Zealand-born actor, Karl Urban, was set to play the title role in the highly anticipated Judge Dredd movie reboot. (see here: http://www.hypergeek.ca/2010/07/sdcc-2010-karl-urban-to-play-judge-dredd.html). Well, the actor has now spoken with New Zealand Channel TV3‘s movie show Reel Late with Kate, and has [...]

Bleeding Cool put out the rumour earlier today that New Zealand-born actor, Karl Urban, was set to play the title role in the highly anticipated Judge Dredd movie reboot. Speaking to reporters at Comic-Con this afternoon, Urban stated that “Yes, there is a lot of truth to that rumour, It’s early days yet, but it [...]

From the press release: 2000 AD Artist & The Losers co-creator Jock to appear alongside ‘The Godfather’ of British Comics Pat Mills on 2000 AD panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2010 14 July 2010. Oxford, UK: Today: 2000 AD is happy to confirm Judge Dredd 3D movie concept artist and The Losers co-creator Jock will [...]