From the press release: MARVEL SUPER HEROES JOIN FORCES WITH NYC HEROES —Marvel Entertainment Partners with NYC & Company to Launch Co-Branded Merchandise Program Starring Spider-Man, Captain America, Thor and Hulk with Celebrated City Agencies NYPD and FDNY, Among Others— —Apparel and Accessories Line Now Available at Toys“R”Us Times Square with a Portion of Proceeds [...]

The New York Post has the scoop that Spider-Man is “getting a hip new look… and a new man behind the mask, who’ll debut this summer at the end of “The Death of Spider-Man” storyline.” I am going to assume that they are referring to Ultimate Spider-Man here. “That’s not Peter Parker,” Marvel editor-in-chief Axel [...]

I guess Marvel and Columbia are pretty confident that their upcoming Spider-Man franchise reboot is going to be a hit at the box office, because THR is reporting that the studio already has James Vanderbilt working on the script for a sequel! It seems that Vanderbilt had a meeting with the Spider-Man filmmakers and studio [...]

On Friday, during an interview with the Movieweb about his small role in the upcoming Spider-Man remake, actor C. Thomas Howell accidentally let slip a major plot point - that the villain of the piece will be The Lizard. Here’s what he said: There is not a whole lot to talk about. Sony wants us [...]

A near-mint condition copy of Amazing Fantasy #15, published in 1962 and featuring the debut appearance of Spider-Man, sold at auction on Monday for an astonishing $1.1 million! The comic, original priced at 12c,  was sold via the website, with both the buyer and seller of the book choosing to remain anonymous. The record [...]

From the press release: Marvel is pleased to present your first look at a stunning new variant cover for FF #1! Prepare to jump into tomorrow as Stan Goldberg, the original colorist for Fantastic Four #1 in 1961, provides a classic cover that can’t be missed by any Fantastic Four fan! This March, the remaining [...]

From the press release: Marvel is pleased to announce Infested, an all new series of short stories beginning in Amazing Spider-Man #659, leading into the biggest Spider-Man event of the year – Spider Island! And to set the stage, a whole cavalcade of superstar artists like Barry Kitson, Lee Garbett and Emma Rios join the [...]

From the solicitation: Marvel is pleased to present your first look at FF #1, from the superstar creative team of writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Steve Epting. The fight for tomorrow begins today! In the wake of the Human Torch’s heroic sacrifice, Marvels’ first family has re-emerged as the Future Foundation. Spider-Man may their newest [...]

From the press release: Spider-Man’s sold-out ascent through the Big Time is about to get even more colossal as acclaimed writer Dan Slott and red-hot artists Stefano Caselli and Javier Pulido induct the wall-crawler into the newly minted FF only in Amazing Spider-Man #658 and #659 this April! But now that he’s on the team, [...]

Columbia Pictures officially announced today that the title of the next Spider-Man film will be “The Amazing Spider-Man.” The studio also revealed the first official photo of of Andrew Garfield dressed in the full Spider-Man costume and mask. I have to say, the costume show in the official studio pictures seems a lot grittier than [...]