Karl Urban Officially Confirms Judge Dredd role!


The big rumour going around San Diego Comic-Con this last weekend was that New Zealand-born actor, Karl Urban, was set to play the title role in the highly anticipated Judge Dredd movie reboot. (see here: http://www.hypergeek.ca/2010/07/sdcc-2010-karl-urban-to-play-judge-dredd.html).

Well, the actor has now spoken with New Zealand Channel TV3‘s movie show Reel Late with Kate, and has announced that he had officially been given the role, saying: “Yes, it’s true, I am the Law”. He added that he was “thrilled to bits” about landing the role.

Karl Urban is best known for playing the role of McCoy in Star Trek, and Eomer in The Lord of the Rings.

Filming is scheduled to begin later this year, in Johannesburg, South Africa. The movie will be directed by Pete Travis, and based on a script written by Alex Garland. Garland will also produce the movie, alongside Andrew MacDonald and Allson Reich, who he previously worked with on The Beach, 28 Days Later, and Sunshine.

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3 Responses to “Karl Urban Officially Confirms Judge Dredd role!”
  1. Dan says:

    Got to say he did a great job as Bones so if he does as good a job as Dredd then he will indeed be the law, can’t help but feel it should be an English actor though

  2. Simon Gardener says:

    AN english actor ??? Dredd the comic strip is very british but Dredd the Lawman is American

    Just hope they keep the helmet on and theres no love interest !

  3. Edward Kaye says:

    I think he’s actually from New Zealand. He’ll probably play him as an American, as he’s done American characters before.

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