Advertising on Hypergeek

You may or may not know this. But I am rapidly heading towards unemployment, as I have two months left before my contact at work expires, and they outsource our entire office. It’s a crappy situation, and I’m desperately looking for a new job, but there really isn’t much out there at the moment.

This has got me thinking about a lot of things, and made me realize that it’s time I started making this website pay for itself. Currently, I am paying pretty high server fees, which are coming straight out of my pocket, not to mention URL registration etc. Also, I would estimate that I put about 30 hours a week into writing content and maintaining the site, for which I make bugger all!

At the moment Hypergeek is using a combination of Google Ads and Project Wonderful, which I am looking to move away from. The biggest problem with both of these systems is that the ads only seem relevant half of the time, that is, one minute, the site will be advertising a popular comic publisher, and then the next, cash for gold! Also, I make virtually no money from these sources - probably only about $20 a month in total!

So Hypergeek is looking to offer up ad space to interested parties who offer a product that is relevant to the comic book industry e.g. comic publishers, conventions, web comics, comic stores etc.

The site gets pretty good stats, in the range of 200,000-250,000 pageloads a month, from 60,000-70,000 unique visitors. See more below:

So, if you are interested in advertising on the site, please email me at [email protected], and we can discuss a rate. I have the site set up so that I can have rotating ads, so if you want something a little cheaper, I can put it into rotation with other ads.