Black Panther Will be the New “Man Without Fear”


Marvel’s Daredevil title is set to come to an end in November, with issue #512, an issue that ties in with the events of the mega-hit Daredevil ‘event’ mini-series, Shadowland.

With this in mind, Marvel have been releasing a series of teasers, about who will be the new “Man Without Fear”. Including teasers featuring: Nova, Gambit, Black Panther, The Falcon, and Kraven the Hunter.

The answer was revealed yesterday, on an episode of G4′s Attack of the Show: “Fresh Ink”, when host Blair Butler announced that Daredevil would be replaced with Black Panther: The Man Without Fear, which will start with issue #513 (strangely).

The events of the issue will spin out of Shadowland, and will feature Black Panther, as the new guardian of Hell’s Kitchen, “living outside of his kingdom, and rebuilding his life, without the aid of any of his trademark tech”.

The newly re-titled series, will be written by David Liss, with artwork by Francesco Francavilla, who was the artist for the “Man without Fear” teasers.

Then in January 2011, make sure to keep an eye out for the four-issue Daredevil: Reborn, by Andy Diggle and Davide Gianfelice. Check out Jock’s Cover’s to Issue #1, and #2.

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