What is Hypergeek?

Hypergeek is a comic industry blogsite, written, administered, and managed by Edward Kaye. There have been a few other guest contributors over the years, but no-one with any real staying power. Wimps!

The site covers comic industry news, events, reviews, articles, interviews, previews, and more…

Why “Hypergeek”?

Good question! The site is actually named after a song by The Devin Townsend Band, from the album Synchestra. Devin Townsend is one of my favourite musicians, and the name seemed to fit, so here we are!

Who the heck is this Edward Kaye?

I’m a 31 year old British Canadian, who lives in Victoria, BC, with my lovely wife, and our two parrots - Cheeky and Woodstock.

I’ve been reading comics for, well, about 30 years, and have been writing this site for close to three. The site started out as a little blogspot blog, and has sort of organically grown to a pretty popular site, which now  pulls in an average of 52,000 pageloads a week!

In addition to the site, I’ve written introductions for a few comic books and graphic novels, and have also had a couple of articles published in 2000 AD in the UK.

Why are You Doing This?

That’s a question that I frequently ask myself. Especially after spending several hours a day posting news stories and articles, and then realizing that no-one is paying me to do this.

I guess the real reason is that I just love comics. I love reading them, I love talking about them, I love writing about them, and one day, I’d love to write one myself. But frankly, I’m way too undisciplined for that!

I grew up reading British comics like the Beano and the Dandy, before graduating onto 2000 AD in my early teens. I discovered American comics in my mid-teens, and the rest is history. I probably buy between 80-100 comic a month, right now, which is quite a lot!

What Does the Site Focus On?

On Hypergeek I cover every aspect of the comic industry, but I try to have a bit of a slant on Indy and creator-owned comics, because that’s what I find myself reading more and more these days. Not that I don’t love my Marvel and DC books, but there are plenty of websites championing those books, and those supporting indy and creator-owned are few and far between.

If you would like to see your comic featured on here, the best thing to do is email me at [email protected] with a press release, or whatever you have.

Other places that you can find me on the Internet: