It’s finally here, my best of 2010 list! Sorry that it’s out so late, I know that the done thing is to have the list out by the end of the year, but screw convention, right? The reason that it is so late can be attributed to a combination of equal parts busyness, laziness, and [...]

from the press release (I wish I could go): Don’t miss the action this Saturday, April 17 from 6:00 to 8:00 PM at Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery . Two brilliant cartoonists Peter Bagge and James Sturm celebrate the publication of 3 new books. Peter Bagge will sign fresh copies of HATE ANNUAL #8. The latest [...]

[Hey readers. I noticed that this articles is getting a LOT of hits right now. Just so you know, this is NOT my best of 2010 list. This is a list that I wrote in January, listing stuff that I was most looking forward to in the year. You can find my best of 2010 [...]

Vertigo recently released some preview pages from Peter Bagge’s Upcoming Original Graphic Novel (OGN), Other Lives (released April 14th, 2010). Peter Bagge is one of the world’s finest cartoonists, and his work on Neat Stuff and Hate was instrumental to shaping me into the person I am today… so now you have someone to blame!!! [...]