DC Comics has announced that after less than one week on the shelves, the second issue of Flashpoint has sold out at the distribution level. However, while the comic has sold out at Diamond, your local comic shop may still have issues available. The book has been sent back for a second printing, which we [...]

Yesterday, DC revealed details on 10 of it’s new ‘#1′ issues which will be coming in September, along with Justice League #1 (see here). To Follow up on that announcement, they have now revealed the details, and creative teams, for all of their rebooted Green Lantern titles, including Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, and two [...]

I imagine you all know this by now, but on Tuesday, DC Comics made the surprising announcement that they will be rebooting their entire universe in September, and releasing 50 new ‘#1′ issues (find out more here). I didn’t say too much at the time, because I’m not best pleased about the announcement. I don’t [...]

DC Comics have announced that Flashpoint #1 has sold out at the distribution level, under one week after it hit shelves. Please note that while the comic has sold out at Diamond, your local comic shop may still have issues available. DC haven’t mentioned if and when we can expect a second printing. However, I [...]

Today, DC released a new teaser for their big Flashpoint event series, which is set to hit shelves this morning. Check it out below:. Click to embiggen!

DC Comics have announced that they have sold out and gone back to press on Parts 1-3 of their mega-crossover event, War of the Green Lanterns. The specific issues that have sold out at the distribution level are: Green Lantern #64, Green Lantern Corps #58, and Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #8. I’m not really surprised [...]

To keep rabid fans hungry for more, DC have released Andy Kubert’s Cover to Flashpoint #3. Check it out below:

As the world’s worst superhero themed TV show comes to the end of its vastly overextended run, producers are pulling out all the stop to try and keep fans watching to the bitter end. In a last ditch effort to plump up their meager ratings, they are bring Geoff Johns back to pen an episode [...]

The big news coming out of MegaCon this last weekend, is that it was announced during one of DC’s panels that following the conclusion of Brightest Day, Geoff Johns will be writing a new Aquaman series. Johns then followed this news up on his Twitter account: “Announced at Megacon: After BRIGHTEST DAY I’ll be moving [...]

DC announced today that the Geoff Johns penned The Flash series will be coming to at end with issue #12, and will therefore not be tying in to their Flashpoint event. In fact, the only ongoing titles that will have tie to the Flashpoint mini is Booster Gold. I have to say that this really [...]