Andy Diggle & Jock’s Creator-Owned Snapshot Coming to Judge Dredd Megazine!


The website is reporting the news that this weekend at Kapow! Comic Con, Andy Diggle and Jock announced that they would be collaborating on a new creator-owned project called Snapshot!

According to The Negative Zone, Diggle outlined the basic premise of the story as being centered around a man working in a San Francisco comic shop, who happens across a mobile phone in a park. He takes it home, only to discover later that it’s filled with photos of a grizzly murder… the phone belonged to a hitman, and now the hitman wants his phone back.

Diggle described the story as being a “Hitchcockian thriller” and Jock praised the concept, saying that, “Snapshot always resonated with me… this was one of his best ideas. I’m really excited to get to work on this.”

Snapshot will be serialized in the pages of Judge Dredd Megazine starting in the Autumn, and the pair hope to get the story picked up by Image Comics, so they can also bring it to the much wider US comics audience.

Andy Diggle and Jock have a long-standing collaborative partnership, having previously worked together on Lenny Zero at 2000 AD (later collected as Mega-City Undercover), The Losers at DC’s Vertigo imprint, and Green Arrow: Year One at DC.

Both Diggle and Jock got their start working for 2000 AD & Judge Dredd Megazine, so it’s pretty cool to see them come round full circle. Now that they’ve both built up huge US followings, thanks to their DC and Marvel work, maybe some of those fans will pick up the Megazine, to see their latest. We can but dream!

Thanks to The Negative Zone for sharing the good news!

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