The best way to get in contact with me is to email me at [email protected].

Feel free to email me anything you want: press releases, news items, links to info about events or art shows you are involved in. Also, feel free to send me review copies of any comics you would like me to look at, you don’t need to ask first. I’ll try to get to your review as soon as I can, but as I get sent quite a few comics and GNs for review, I might not get to it straight away. If you would like my address to send me a physical copies of your books to look at, just drop me an email, and I’ll send it right over. Physical copies are always appreciated, but please remember than I’m in Canada, so it may cost a bit more to post here.

You can also find me on Twitter, as I have both a Hypergeek account and a personal account. Same goes for Facebook, here is my Hypergeek account, and here is my personal account.