Over on maakies.com Tony Millionaire has shared a comic strip which features the first published appearance of Drinky Crow. The strip features anthropomorphism, lots of drinking, and lots of violence. Here we are, nearly 20 years later, and things really haven’t changed that much. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Scott Eder Gallery is currently holding an exhibit of the artwork of Tony Millionaire, showcasing comics and drawing from his Maakies comic strip, and more (see event details here). They have now posted to their site, photos of all of the original artwork that is currently on show, and are making it available to purchase. [...]

The title says it all really! If you’re in Brooklyn on Thursday, make sure to stop by Desert Island, to meet Tony Millionaire and pick-up a new, exclusive, silk screen print! Don’t forget that the next night, Tony’s new art show open at the Scott Eder Gallery (see here). Damn, I wish I lived in [...]

I have just learned that the inimitable Tony Millionaire will be showcasing comics and drawing from his Maakies comic strip, and more, at Scott Eder Gallery in New York, from January 28th to February 25th. The exhibit is titled ‘Drinky Crow Returns‘.

It’s finally here, my best of 2010 list! Sorry that it’s out so late, I know that the done thing is to have the list out by the end of the year, but screw convention, right? The reason that it is so late can be attributed to a combination of equal parts busyness, laziness, and [...]

Well, I was going to blog about all the news coming out of San Diego Comic-Con today, but frankly, there was just too much news, and too little time. I will say however, that highlights from today’s news included: Grant Morrison will be writing a new Batman series called Batman Inc., featuring artwork by Yanick [...]

Fantagraphics Books have just informed Hypergeek that they have a MASSIVE Cyber Monday sale on! Fantagraphics are one of my very favourite publishers, and seeing these sales, and not being able to pick anything up is killing me (I’m unemployed these days). I actually have an entire book case full of nothing but Fantagraphics products! [...]

The red-hot, sold out Marvel Comics phenomenon continues in Strange Tales #2, on-sale October 7th. Marvel’s greatest characters are brought to life by the hottest independent creators including Peter Bagge, Max Cannon, Jacob Chabot, Jonathan Hickman, R. Kikuo Johnson, Matt Kindt, Tony Millionaire, Jim Rugg and Jhonen Vasquez! The second issue of this landmark Marvel [...]