Detective Comics #871 Sells Out and Goes Back for a Second Printing


DC’s The Source blog is reporting that Detective Comics #871 has sold out, and that the issue is heading back for a second printing

The issue was the first of a run by the new creative team of writer Scott Snyder, and artists Jock and Francesco Francavilla. You can check out the second printing variant cover, just in the top rightof this article.

Here’s what Scott Snyder thought of the news:

“I’d love to just send up a huge, Bat-signal of thanks to all the readers out there. The sales news is amazing - I don’t even know what to say about that!- but nothing has been more thrilling or gratifying the past week than reading the reader responses. I know that for everyone working on Detective right now, the character of Batman holds a very special status. And for all of us - Jock, Francesco, Dave Baron and me - doing the series is wholly about telling a story we’re all in love with, a story that we can be proud of as something that’s new and our own, but also steeped in the history of Batman and Gotham. We’ve just started, but this is a big story with lots of parts, and I can say honestly that all of us are even more excited for what’s coming in the next few issues than what’s been published already. Really though, we can’t thank you enough, DC Nation. Promise to work as hard as possible to earn our keep in Gotham.”

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