Hypergeek is Three Years Old Today!


I just realized that Hypergeek turned Three today. Hypergeek originally started as a blogspot blog simply called http://edwardkaye.blogspot.com/. The site existed for some time as one of those personal blogs that only occasionally gets updated, with crap that no-one else but the writer cares about. Then on July 30th, 2008, I made the first of many posts about my love of comics, starting what would eventually become Hypergeek.

It would be another month before I bought the hypergeek.ca URL, but I think added a banner to the site at that time, which read HYPERGEEK in big letters. Why Hypergeek? Hell, I don’t know, it’s the name of a song by Devin Townsend, who is my favourite musician, and it seemed appropriate at the time. I would regret this decision when it came time to buy a URL, because it turned out that some bastard was camping on the .com domain, and I had to settle for .ca - a detail that people ALWAYS forget when quoting one of my reviews. I think I must have sent quite a bit of traffic to the .com guy over the years. Grr…

The early incarnation of Hypergeek was pretty rough around the edges, mixing together comic news, review, and interviews with my opinions on things, and posts about my private life. Over the years though, the site has become much more refined, now concentrations solely on news and reviews, and articles, with the occasional interview thrown in when I can find the time (which is never).

Over the years, features have come and gone, as I tried to see what people were and weren’t interested in reading. Very little, if anything survives from those early days, which sometimes makes me sad, because I really enjoyed writing some of those features. However, I soon discovered that just because I find something interesting, and enjoy writing about it, it doesn’t mean that other people will feel the same way. So, now we have tons of news about stupid comic movies, and press releases about the latest Marvel releases… anything to push that traffic up, eh? I used to think that if I posted about the popular stuff, people might click over to view my posts about indie and creator-owned comics, but it seems that is just not the case!

Posting about popular stuff does seem to bring in the traffic though, as the blog has gone from about 100 pageloads a week to around 65,000! Does traffic equal quality though? Or is the relationship an inversely proportional one?

Well, it’s certainly been  long three years for me personally. Since I started this blog, I’ve been through 3 different jobs, had to start a brand new career, bought a condo, been published twice, and sadly, had to live through the pain of my mother dying from lung cancer on the other side of the world. This last was the most emotional scaring event in my life, and sparked a year of depression, during which I nearly gave up on life itself.

What does the future hold for Hypergeek? Is there a future for Hypergeek? Is anyone still even reading? I honestly don’t know the answers to these questions. I do know though, that I don’t enjoy keeping this site as much as I once did. I used to enjoy writing articles, conducting interviews with my favorite creators, and doing in-depth reviews of comics and graphic novels that I enjoyed. Nowadays, it just feels like I don’t have time to do anything other than post press releases, and the latest news stories. The fact that I have been working graveyard shift for over a year now is partially to blame for this, as I find myself drained of energy all of the time, and in constant need for sleep. Well, I’ll be unemployed again in about one month, because the company I work for (let’s just say they are famous for opening the first transcontinental telegraph), have decided to shut the doors on their Canadian operation and send all our jobs to Asia. Life just gets better and better…

Oh well, stick around if you want more, if not, you know where the door is.

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