Tweeted this morning by Matt Fraction, here’s a couple of panels of Gabriel Bá’s artwork for the forthcoming debut issue of Cassanova, Volume 3: Avaritia. If you don’t pre-order this series, you clearly don’t love comics!

James Stokoe is the mind-blowingly talented writer/artist behind Wonton Soup, Orc Stain, and that amazing Silver Surfer story in Strange Tales II. Earlier today, he Tweeted a link to the poster that he has made for the upcoming independent movie Trollhunter, and as soon as I clicked the link my jaw hit the floor! Check [...]

Over on his Cats without Dogs blog, Norwegian cartoonist Jason (I Killed Adolf Hitler, The Left Bank Gang), has posted a hilariously whimsical Darth Vader comic strip, which features everyone’s favourite Sith lord doing mundane household things, like doing the dishes, going to the toilet, and soaking his feet! Apparently it’s the first Vader strip [...]

From Johnny Ryan’s Flickr:

Over on his blog, Daniel Clowes has posted a high resolution image of the cover of Encounter Briefs #23, a fictional publication which was featured as a prop in Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s Paul. Observant fans may also have noticed that throughout most of the movie, Pegg’s character is wearing an tee-shirt of Clowes’ [...]

Drew Friedman has written a fantastic article on Robert Crumb for Vanity Fair‘s website, and to accompany the article, he has drawn an amazing portrait of the man himself. Check the article out here.

While I was browsing through this month’s Vertigo releases, Jock’s cover of Scalped #48 really caught my eye. Apart from being incredibly striking, and beautifully composed, as Jock’s Scalped covers always are - it really made me think of the cover to The Human Centipede. I mentioned this on Twitter and said, jokingly of course, [...]

Last week for Flashpoint Friday, DC showed fans a number of Jim Lee and Andy Kubert’s character designs for some of the new characters to appear in Flashpoint (see here). This week, they’ve revealed an in-depth look at Kubert’s designs for the Flashpoint versions of Aquaman and Wonder Woman, as well as a look at [...]

Marvel have provided AOL’s Comics Alliance with 50 exclusive pages of sketches, inks, thumbnails and process images from the making of Strange Tales II, to give fans a glimpse into the process of creators like Jaime Hernandez, Rafael Grampa, Kate Beaton, Jeffrey Brown, Dean Haspiel, Ivan Brunetti, Farel Dalrymple, Frank Santoro, Ben Marra, Ivan Brunetti, [...]

Thanks to FLOG!, I have discovered a fantastic new blog called ‘Covered‘. The idea behind the site is that artists and cartoonists take a well known and instantly recognizable comic cover, and reproduce it in their own unique style. It’s a simple idea, but it’s highly effective. The latest cover they have posted is Robert [...]