The Human Scalpedipede?


While I was browsing through this month’s Vertigo releases, Jock’s cover of Scalped #48 really caught my eye. Apart from being incredibly striking, and beautifully composed, as Jock’s Scalped covers always are - it really made me think of the cover to The Human Centipede.

I mentioned this on Twitter and said, jokingly of course, that maybe Jock was referencing the cult horror that everyone love to hate. However, Jock assures me that “it really isn’t, i promise. at least, not consciously…”

His subconscious must be a very scary place!

Based on the image, I am going to assume that Scalped #48 will see Red Crow going insane, and stitching Dashiel, Gina and Shunka together, and then making them walk around the rez… for no reason at all! Also, they can only eat spiders, hence the spiderweb on the cover…

*Please note that I’m not saying that Jock ripped the other image off, or that it is derivative in any way. It’s just a coincidence, and bizarrely the first place my mind went!*

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