2000 AD Prog (issue) 1740 is a British sci-fi comics anthology, which was released in the UK on Wednesday, June 29th, and is set to be released in the US in the 2000 AD June pack from Diamond, which is due out on July 6th. The issue cost £2.25 GBP, and will cost $25 USD [...]

2000 AD announced today that next week’s Prog 1740 will debut a new three-part story format called the 3riller! Similar in format to the comic’s long-running Future Shocks format, the format looks like a great way to bring new readers on board, as they won’t have to have read years worth of stories to know [...]

2000 AD just sent over this promotional press release about the North American release of Kingdom: The Promised Land, the trade paper back collection of the classic thrill by Dan Abnett and Richard Elson. If you are a fan of either of these brilliant creators, I would highly recommend picking this collection up. It’s one [...]

2000 AD announced yesterday that Planet Replicas has been granted a licence to produce replica props taken straight from the worlds of 2000 AD’s most famous characters — including Judge Dredd. This is great news for 2000 AD fans who also collect action figures and statues i.e. me! I have several of the the older [...]

The 2000 AD PR droid just sent me over this fantastic looking Clint Langley illustrated teaser image for the upcoming Judge Dredd mega-series, Day of Chaos Day of Chaos is to be written by legendary Judge Dredd co-creator John Wagner.  The epic story is set to start in Prog 1743, which will be released in [...]

Great news, US based Terrans! Rebellion announced this morning that 2000 AD is set to become a weekly title in the US market. Currently, copies of 2000 AD are only available in one-month bagged batches through Diamond Distribution, which cost around $25 for four to five issues! However, as of the next Diamond Previews catalogue, [...]

Oh man, I would love one of these mugs! However, I doubt it would survive the transatlantic trip so well. *sigh* From the press release: Don’t be a mug – obey the law! A top-quality mug lovingly wrapped in classic Judge Dredd artwork from one of the greats of 2000 AD – the latest merchandise [...]

I just found out from he guys at 2000 AD that are planning to release a sexy new hard-cover dust-jacket edition of classic Thrill Sláine: The Horned God. Not only that, but they are planning to release it to the US/Canadian market, so even thrill-deprived squaxx klike me will be able to pick up a [...]

From the press release: 2000 AD storms Free Comic Book Day Top names in industry feature in first free sampler from British classic 2000 AD is supporting tomorrow’s Free Comic Book Day for the first time with a fantastic free sampler showcasing the best of British. The 32-page sampler features work by John Wagner, Pat [...]

This May’s MCM Expo in London was already looking set to be a fantastic show, but today the event got a shot of Thill-Power as it was announced that 2000 AD and Rebellion will be attending the show for the first time. Not only will the publisher have a booth at the show, selling zarjaz [...]