I just noticed this sale over on DC’s The Source blog, and thought some people may be interested. If you are looking to catch up on your Green Lantern books, there are some bargains to be had! Being a GL obsessive, I have copies of most of the comic in the sale Details follow: Beginning [...]

From the press release: In response to multiple requests from comic fans overseas, Oni Press is pleased to announce international shipping on their webstore!  To get comic fans around the globe all caught up on Oni titles and in celebration of the holiday season, the Oni Press Webstore is throwing a huge sale: 30% OFF [...]

Fantagraphics Books have just informed Hypergeek that they have a MASSIVE Cyber Monday sale on! Fantagraphics are one of my very favourite publishers, and seeing these sales, and not being able to pick anything up is killing me (I’m unemployed these days). I actually have an entire book case full of nothing but Fantagraphics products! [...]