I don’t know how I missed this, but over the weekend, Fantagraphics Books revealed the final cover to Michael Kupperman’s latest work - Mark Twain’s Autobiography 1910-2010 (yes, you read that right!). In their blog post, they reveal that the book has been sent off to the printer, and they are looking at a September [...]

Johnny Ryan’s violent masterpiece Prison Pit has accumulated quite the cult following over the last couple of years, and new fan art seems to pop up all the time. This latest piece is drawn in Filmation style by Marc Palm. Marc says of the piece: “I’m a geek about Filmation cartoons and couldn’t help imagine [...]

Last year, shortly before the publication of Prison Pit 2, Johnny Ryan sent Fantagraphics the cover to Prison Pit 3. FB shared this on their FLOG! blog, and it is also being used as the book’s cover on amazon.com and other online outlets. However, now that Johnny has pretty much finished up drawing the book, [...]

Cartoonist Jason has shared a page from the strip ‘Tom Waits on The Moon’, from his upcoming book Athos in America. He says on his blog that “there is no Tom Waits and no moon in the story. Possibly there is a guy called Tom. There are no dialogues, all the text is in thought [...]

Johnny Ryan has drawn a new strip to help Vice magazine celebrate its 100th issue. Check it out here.

The Drawn & Quarterly offices have just received an early copy of their upcoming hardcover edition of Daniel Clowes’ The Death-Ray, and over on their blog, they’ve given us a sneak peek look at a gorgeous two-page splash! You can check out the splash below, along with a look at the cover. The book isn’t [...]

Over on maakies.com Tony Millionaire has shared a comic strip which features the first published appearance of Drinky Crow. The strip features anthropomorphism, lots of drinking, and lots of violence. Here we are, nearly 20 years later, and things really haven’t changed that much. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Johnny Ryan’s sick & twisted little mind has vomited up another new strip for Vice Magazine. In ‘The Divorce‘, a child find a very unique way to stop his parents from getting a divorce. Check it out here.

James Stokoe is the mind-blowingly talented writer/artist behind Wonton Soup, Orc Stain, and that amazing Silver Surfer story in Strange Tales II. Earlier today, he Tweeted a link to the poster that he has made for the upcoming independent movie Trollhunter, and as soon as I clicked the link my jaw hit the floor! Check [...]