This morning, Dynamite Entertainment announced that The Boys creators, Garth Ennis & Darick Robertson, will be reuniting in July to tell the origin story of Butcher with The Boys: Butcher, Baker, Candlestickmaker! I’m a huge fan of both Garth’s writing and Darick’s artwork, and it was a sad day for me when Darick stopping being [...]

From the press release: COME TO NEW YORK CITY AND SEE GARTH ENNIS DISCUSS THE NEWEST BOYS TRADE PAPERBACK ONLY AT BARNES & NOBLE ON TUESDAY, APRIL 26TH April 14, 2011, Runnemede, NJ - With the release of The Boys, Volume 8 TPB, Garth Ennis will be at the Barnes and Noble at 86th & [...]

From the press release: The Boys is one of Dynamite’s best-selling and most critically acclaimed books and will soon become a live-action feature-length film directed by Adam (The Other Guys) McKay at Sony Pictures Studio! This November, Dynamite is continuing with one of our biggest launches of the year, a spin-off of our popular series [...]

From the press release: CBLDF’S LIBERTY ANNUAL 2010 EXPLODES IN OCTOBER! Image Comics annual anthology benefiting the CBLDF sports new name and covers Berkeley, CA - 10 September 2021 - Image Comics and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund are proud to launch the most exciting edition of their annual benefit anthology yet! THE CBLDF [...]

A couple of days ago, I posted the news that Darick Robertson would no longer be the regular artist on The Boys, and that Dynamite would be bringing in a series of fill-in artists, to ensure that the book would meet it’s monthly schedule. See here: It would appear that the news got around, [...]

UPDATE! See here: Contrary to Dynamite’s solicitation for issue #44 of The Boys, Darick Robertson will not be the artist on the upcoming ‘Believe’ story arc. In fact, Darick has announced to fans at his Standard Attrition forum, that issue #43 will be his last monthly issue for a while! Dynamite will be bringing [...]

As a follow-up to Diamond Distribution’s Top Publishers, Top 500 Comics, and Top 500 TPBs & GNs for the Entire Year of 2009, I have used the raw data to construct the sales charts for independently published titles in 2009. There is some debate over what comics count as indy. Some people claim that it’s [...]

As a follow-up to my list of the best graphic novels of 2009, I have compiled a list of my favourite comics of 2009 - by which I mean monthly and weekly titles, rather than collections and graphic novels. I found this list incredibly hard to put together, as I originally intended to write a [...]

Darick Robertson, co-creator and artist of Transmetropolitan and The Boys, announced today that he has joined Standard Attrition, the group blog and message boards for Vertigo creators. The move sees Darick sharing a community with the likes of Brian Azzerello, Brian Wood, Cliff Chiang, David Lapham, G. Willow Wilson, Jason Aaron, Jeff Lemire, Jock, Joshua [...]

As a follow-up to Diamond Distribution’s Top 20 Publishers, Top 300 Comics, and Top 300 TPBs & GNs for November 2009, I have used the raw data to construct the sales charts for independently published titles in November 2009. Diamond provided their own indy charts, but I chose to ignore them, for a couple of [...]