From the press release: Archaia Entertainment Partners with comiXology to Launch Days Missing Archaia’s Acclaimed Graphic Novel Series to Showcase on comiXology’s Digital Comics Platform LOS ANGELES, CA May 18, 2021 – Archaia Entertainment’s CEO PJ Bickett, announced today that they will launch its acclaimed graphic novel series Days Missing on comiXology, the leading distributor [...]

From the press release: DETAILS RELEASED FOR ARCHAIA AND RODDENBERRY’S ‘DAYS MISSING’ VOLUME 2 SECOND VOLUME PROMISES TO EXCEED THE HIGH BAR SET BY THE FIRST Los Angeles, CA (June 24, 2021) – As a result of the overwhelming fan support and the multitude of “must buy” reviews for the first DAYS MISSING miniseries, Archaia [...]

From the press release: ARCHAIA TO DIGITALLY DISTRIBUTE RODDENBERRY’S ‘DAYS MISSING’ EXCLUSIVELY ON iVERSE COMICS FANS CAN DOWNLOAD ‘DAYS MISSING’ #1 FOR FREE ON THE iPHONE OR iPOD TOUCH Los Angeles, CA (January 22, 2022) – Expanding their partnerships with proven digital comics distributors to meet the growing demand for more digital content, Archaia and [...]

I hope you’ve all ordered your copies of the Days Missing Hardcover already! Well, if you haven’t, here’s another reason why you should pick up a copy, as well as featuring a foreword by Warren Ellis, and tons of other cool features, the book’s dust-jacket will feature a review quote from me. Thanks to Mel [...]

As a follow-up to my list of the best graphic novels of 2009, I have compiled a list of my favourite comics of 2009 - by which I mean monthly and weekly titles, rather than collections and graphic novels. I found this list incredibly hard to put together, as I originally intended to write a [...]

ARCHAIA AND RODDENBERRY ANNOUNCE DELUXE ‘DAYS MISSING’ HARDCOVER GRAPHIC NOVEL COLLECTS ALL FIVE ISSUES PLUS A HOST OF NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN EXTRAS Los Angeles, CA (December 18, 2021) – Combining Archaia’s longstanding commitment to producing high-quality hardcover graphic novels and Roddenberry’s goal to produce sophisticated, intelligent and entertaining science fiction in the tradition of Star Trek, the [...]

If you’ve read an issue of Days Missing from Archaia/Rodenberry, you’ll have noticed that the back cover of each issue is covered with a series of numbers, from which a message emerges about the plot of that issue, for example: Well, it turns out that the Days Missing (or Days Mis51ing) logo itself contains a [...]

Days Missing is a five-issue comic book miniseries from Archaia Studios, produced in partnership with Rodenberry Productions. Based on a concept by Roddenberry Productions executive Trevor Roth, Days Missing tells the stories of a mysterious being known only as “The Steward.” His ability to literally “fold” days of time has allowed him to secretly remove [...]

Frazer Irving is a British comic book artist who first came to public attention in 2001 with the 2000 AD series Necronauts, written by Gordon Rennie. Irving has worked on many 2000 AD comics over the last few years, including Storming Heaven, with Gordon Rennie; Judge Death, with John Wagner; The Simping Detective with Simon [...]