For the last two months , I have been charting the success of the Kickstarter Project that was raising funds to publish the Transmetropolitan Art Book. A couple of weeks ago, I was pleased to announce that the project had hit it’s $26,000 goal early, but that donations were still being accepted until February 14th. [...]

You may well have heard that there is currently a Kickstarter project running, which has the aim of raising funds to publish the Transmetropolitan Art Book. This new art book will be a hardcover volume, limited to a few thousand hand-numbered copies, and the proceeds of sales of the books will be donated to the [...]

Earlier this month, a new twitter user calling themselves Transmet ( appeared on the popular social networking site. Well, I just got a hot tip that this is the official Twitter stream for Transmetropolitan, the Vertigo comics series by Warren Ellis and Darick Roberton. What’s interesting is that these were their first tweets: Transmet: Tomorrow [...]

Darick Robertson, co-creator and artist of Transmetropolitan and The Boys, announced today that he has joined Standard Attrition, the group blog and message boards for Vertigo creators. The move sees Darick sharing a community with the likes of Brian Azzerello, Brian Wood, Cliff Chiang, David Lapham, G. Willow Wilson, Jason Aaron, Jeff Lemire, Jock, Joshua [...]

Diamond Distribution have just supplied Hypergeek with a full run down of their August 2009 Direct Market sales figures. If you are not familiar with how Diamond’s sales figures, these numbers are based on the amount of units shipping out from Diamond’s warehouses to their network of over 4,000 accounts, comprised of comic book specialty [...]