From the press release: MAY 4, MILWAUKIE, OR—The 1960s brought a cultural upheaval in music and art, with a host of new icons entering the scene: The Beatles, Andy Warhol, and, of course, Marvel Comics, led by a host of characters that defined modern comic books. Now, these characters will appear just as they did [...]

From the solicitation: Marvel is pleased to present your first look at FF #4, from chart-topping creators Jonathan Hickman and Barry Kitson! It’s all led to this – the War of Four Cities starts here! From all corners of the Marvel Universe – Atlantis, the Negative Zone, Subterranea, and the Inhuman Citadel – a torrent [...]

From the press release: Marvel is pleased to present your first look at a stunning new variant cover for FF #1! Prepare to jump into tomorrow as Stan Goldberg, the original colorist for Fantastic Four #1 in 1961, provides a classic cover that can’t be missed by any Fantastic Four fan! This March, the remaining [...]

From the solicitation: Marvel is pleased to present your first look at FF #1, from the superstar creative team of writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Steve Epting. The fight for tomorrow begins today! In the wake of the Human Torch’s heroic sacrifice, Marvels’ first family has re-emerged as the Future Foundation. Spider-Man may their newest [...]

Marvel have just broken the news that Spider-Man will be joining the remaining three members of the Fantastic Four, to form a new superhero team called The Future Foundation. This new team will make their debut in in March, in FF #1, by Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting. While Spider-Man joining the Fantastic Four has [...]

Thanks to the  fine folks over at Robot 6 , I just discovered that Taco Bell and Marvel announced this week that for a limited time , the fast-food chain’s kids’ meals would come with one of four Marvel  comic books: The Avengers, The Fantastic Four, Invincible Iron Man, or X-Men. According to Marvel, each [...]

From the press release: True believers everywhere knew it was coming, and now it has happened; a member of the First Family of comics, the Fantastic Four, has fallen in the pages of Fantastic Four #587. After this fateful and fatal issue of “the world’s greatest comic magazine,” Johnny Storm, the beloved Human Torch, has [...]

So, I haven’t read Fantastic Four #587 yet, so this press release that Marvel just dropped in my inbox was a massive spoiler. Thanks Marvel!!!! IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW WHO DIES, STOP READING NOW. From the press release: Marvel Entertainment Extinguishes The Fantastic Four’s Human Torch RENOWNED SUPER HERO KILLED IN HIGHLY-ANTICIPATED FANTASTIC [...]

From the press release: In an effort to keep the last remaining and critically acclaimed issues of Fantastic Four on shelves, all issues of Three – the biggest Fantastic Four event ever – are going back to press and returning to comic shops everywhere! The critically acclaimed, superstar creative team of Jonathan Hickman and Steve [...]

Fantastic Four: Final Issue FANTASTIC FOUR #587 (NOV100584) FANTASTIC FOUR #587 SPOILER VARIANT (NOV100585) Written by JONATHAN HICKMAN Penciled by STEVE EPTING Cover by ALAN DAVIS Spoiler Variant Cover by TBA (On Sale 2/2/11) FOC – 1/3/11, On Sale – 1/26/11 FANTASTIC FOUR #588 (DEC100592) Written by JONATHAN HICKMAN Penciled by NICK DRAGOTTA Cover by [...]