Back in December, I reported that Ex-Machina artist, Tony Harris, had launched a Kickstarter project, with the aim of raising $60, 000, to fund a 96 page graphic novel, called Roundeye: for Love, which wass to be written, pencilled, inked and colored by Harris. Sadly, he didn’t quite hit this goal by the time the [...]

Diamond Distribution have just supplied Hypergeek with a full run down of their December 2009 Direct Market sales figures. If you are not familiar with how Diamond’s sales figures, here’s how they are calculated: Data for Diamond’s sales charts—which include the monthly market shares and all top product charts—are compiled by Diamond Comic Distributors from [...]

As a follow-up to my list of the best graphic novels of 2009, I have compiled a list of my favourite comics of 2009 - by which I mean monthly and weekly titles, rather than collections and graphic novels. I found this list incredibly hard to put together, as I originally intended to write a [...]