The Boys Begins a New Storyarc in November


From the press release:

The Boys is one of Dynamite’s best-selling and most critically acclaimed books and will soon become a live-action feature-length film directed by Adam (The Other Guys) McKay at Sony Pictures Studio! This November, Dynamite is continuing with one of our biggest launches of the year, a spin-off of our popular series with The Boys: Highland Laddie #4, featuring everybody’s favorite character, Hughie. Written by Garth Ennis and drawn by his long-time collaborator John McCrea, with covers by co-creator Darick Robertson! Also in November comes The Boys #48, beginning a new story arc called ‘Proper Preparation and Planning, Part One’, which is written by Garth Ennis with interior art by Russ Braun and a cover by Darick Robertson! Also in November comes The Boys Vol. 7: The Innocents which collects issues #39-47, along with a complete cover gallery by artist Darick Robertson!

With Hughie absent in The Boys #48, Butcher re-examines the Boys’ first encounter with the Seven, trying to figure out what went wrong. But first there’s some disquiet in the ranks to be dealt with, not to mention the return of an old and unexpected enemy- who finally, incredibly, has come into his own. Meanwhile, on the Seven’s floating headquarters, a flying lesson goes badly awry. In The Boys: Highland Laddie #4, Hughie looks into the past of his erstwhile girlfriend Annie- aka Starlight of The Seven- but what he finds is not what he expected. Meanwhile, the true horror of Joe Tupper’s smuggling operation is revealed!

And in The Boys Vol. 7: The Innocents, meet the true heroes of The Boys’ universe, the young men and women who fight to make things right and ask nothing in return: the teenage adventurers from our far future that the world knows as SUPERDUPER! Meanwhile, convinced that Hughie was never what he seemed, Butcher goes to see the Legend… and sets something terrible in motion for our little Scots pal.

The Boys is set in a contemporary world very much similar to the real one, with one notable exception: a number of people have some form of superpower. The series follows a superpowered CIA squad, known informally as “The Boys”, whose job it is to keep watch on superheroes and, if necessary, intimidate or kill them. Enjoy The Boys #48, The Boys: Highland Laddie #4, and The Boys Vol. 7: The Innocents TPB this November!

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