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Los Angeles, CA (June 24, 2021) – As a result of the overwhelming fan support and the multitude of “must buy” reviews for the first DAYS MISSING miniseries, Archaia Entertainment and Roddenberry Productions proudly announced the details of the highly anticipated second series in this sci-fi franchise.

Back by popular demand, fan-favorite and Eisner Award-nominated author Phil Hester (Firebreather, The Darkness, Green Arrow) returns to write all five issues in this continuing epic. Soon-to-be-known-by-the-world artist David Marquez (Archaia and Fantasy Prone’s Syndrome: The Graphic Novel) will join Hester on the miniseries. In addition, five amazing artists will lend their talents to create the covers, with the mega-rockstar Alex Ross (Kingdom Come) illustrating the cover for issue one.

“All of us at Archaia were incredibly proud to collaborate with Roddenberry, a true sci-fi dynasty, on their return to comics with the first Days Missing series,” said Archaia Editor-in-Chief Stephen Christy. “Because the scope of volume two is so much broader, we’ve changed our approach from having a rotating cast of creative teams to having a single team of Phil Hester and Dave Marquez guide the storytelling for the entire book.

Days Missing: Kestus continues the tale of The Steward, a mysterious being who has the ability to literally “fold” days of time. This has allowed him to secretly remove critical days from our shared history that have forever changed the course of mankind…or so he thinks. At the end of the first series, it was hinted that The Steward is not alone. The second series will focus on The Steward’s dealings with this new being, Kestus, as well as more days for him to “fold.”

“We are thrilled by the fan response to Days Missing, and we believe they’ll be equally excited about what we have planned for Series 2,” says Trevor Roth, Head of Development of Roddenberry Productions and the creator of the concept. “Once again, we are collaborating with a fantastic team of talent. Between Phil Hester, who did such a fantastic job in the first series, and David Marquez, whose talent continues to amaze me, we plan to raise the bar even higher this time around. Throw in a great story arc, Archaia’s publishing prowess and cover artists like Alex Ross and you’ve got the makings of something truly awesome for readers to enjoy.”

Issue #1 of Days Missing Vol. 2: Kestus is set to debut in September, with a revealing preview book written by Trevor Roth and drawn by David Marquez available for free at Comic-Con International in San Diego, Calif.

Days Missing: Kestus will be published under Archaia’s new Black Label line of titles, which specializes in co-developing intellectual properties with prestigious partners who are seeking to flesh out and realize their original ideas through the use of Archaia’s resources.

Future updates on the series, including preview images and other behind-the-scenes material, can be found at

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