From the press release: Entertainment Weekly dubbed him a “Geek God.” TV Guide seems to document his every move. Firefly/Serenity fans follow him in any direction he goes. And all the while, Nathan Fillion contines to go his own way, his boyish charm and “ruggedly handsome” exterior constantly reflecting the enchanting attitude of the proverbial [...]

From the press release: Mad Men star Elisabeth Moss returns to animation as the voice of new recruit Arisia in Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, the all-new DC Universe Animated Original Movie coming to Blu-Ray™, DVD, On Demand and for Download June 7, 2011. Long before she caught the TV viewing world’s attention as Peggy Olsson [...]

From the press release: Henry Rollins is so many things to so many people. One moment, he’s the uber-tattooed punk rock front man for Black Flag or The Rollins Band; the next, he’s stealing the spotlight as one of the memorable cast of Sons of Anarchy; and while that’s airing, he’s ranting live for hours [...]

Interview conducted and provided by Warner Home Entertainment. To vocally craft the characters within the DC Universe Animated Original Movies, the production brain trust of DC Entertainment, Warner Premiere, Warner Home Video and Warner Bros. Animation is smart enough to employ the best in the business – on both sides of the microphone. While winners [...]

An interview with British writer Al Ewing, discussing his work in comics, as well as his prose work for Abaddon books.

The nice people at Lincoln Butterfield have asked me if I would mind sharing this interview with the creators of RIP, M. D. , the Graphic Novel. This fantastic book was one of the most entertaining graphic novels that I read last year, and I highly recommend picking up a copy. It didn’t quite make [...]

Please note that the following interview was conducted and supplied by Warner Bros. Home Video: Award-winning actor Anthony LaPaglia returns to his villainous roots as the voice of Lex Luthor in All-Star Superman, the highly anticipated 10th entry in the ongoing series of DC Universe Animated Original Movies coming February 22, 2021 from Warner Premiere, [...]

From the press release: John DiMaggio Undertakes a Villainous Icon as The Joker in “Batman: Under the Red Hood” Known to adults as “Bender” in Futurama and tweens as “Dr. Drakken” in Kim Possible, John DiMaggio takes an iconic step forward as the voice of The Joker, the pivotal villain in the all-new DC Universe [...]

From the press release: WRITER JUDD WINICK BRINGS CHARACTERS FROM PAGE TO SCREEN IN “BATMAN: UNDER THE RED HOOD,” THE NEXT DC UNIVERSE ANIMATED ORIGINAL FILM COMING TO DVD JULY 27, 2021 Judd Winick has returned to Gotham City with a vengeance. The award-winning cartoonist has successfully transitioned one of his benchmark storylines from comic [...]

From the press release: CASTING/DIALOGUE DIRECTOR ANDREA ROMANO FINDS THE PERFECT BLEND OF VOICE AND CHARACTER FOR “BATMAN: UNDER THE RED HOOD,” THE NEXT DC UNIVERSE ANIMATED ORIGINAL FILM COMING TO DVD JULY 27, 2021 Few individuals understand the intricacies of the voice of Batman better than Andrea Romano. Arguably the top animation voiceover director [...]