Batman & Robin #7 is a DC Comics release, written by Grant Morrison, with artwork by Cameron Stewart, and featuring covers from both Frank Quitely and Cameron Stewart. The Story [Note: Some slight spoilers, but not anything you didn't see coming a mile away!] The story opens where issue #6 left off, with Dick Grayson [...]

Damn it, Robin! I thought you’d have learned your lesson by now! Wait a minute! Aren’t Robin’s parents also dead? Oh well, like Batman cares, any chance to slap around a supple young boy!

Frazer Irving is a British comic book artist who first came to public attention in 2001 with the 2000 AD series Necronauts, written by Gordon Rennie. Irving has worked on many 2000 AD comics over the last few years, including Storming Heaven, with Gordon Rennie; Judge Death, with John Wagner; The Simping Detective with Simon [...]