By new, I’m assuming everyone knows of the big reveal at the end of Brightest Day #24. If not, I just ruined your day! Back in March, DC solicited a title called Brightest Day Aftermath: The Search, (see here), with a mysterious cover that showed Superman, Batman, and two blacked-out characters. Then, following Brightest Day [...]

If you’ve not yet read Brightest Day #23, and don’t want the big revealed spoiled, you best look away now! … In Brightest Day #23, it was revealed that Swamp Thing is the Dark Avatar, and now the big guns of the DC Universe are searching high and low for Alec Holland. DC have therefore [...]

The big news coming out of MegaCon this last weekend, is that it was announced during one of DC’s panels that following the conclusion of Brightest Day, Geoff Johns will be writing a new Aquaman series. Johns then followed this news up on his Twitter account: “Announced at Megacon: After BRIGHTEST DAY I’ll be moving [...]

From the press release: Hey, BRIGHTEST DAY fans! Looking to complete your collection of DC Direct’s awesome 3-part action figure omnibus based on the bestselling series? Well, look no further than this year’s C2E2 and WonderCon. These conventions will serve as the only places where you can purchase two exclusive figures that not only coincide [...]

DC Comics has announced that following the events of the climax of their 26-part bi-weekly event series, Brightest Day, the story will continue in Brightest Day Aftermath: The Search - a three-part mini-series, launching in June. The mini will be written by Jonathan Vankin and drawn by Marco Castiello, and will chronicle the fallout of [...]

Diamond Distribution has just release their charts of the Top 500 selling comics of 2010. Earlier today they also released stats on the Top 500 TPBs/GNs of 2010 (see here). I’m not going to go into any long and boring analysis of the stats, because frankly, I’m pretty sure you’ll all just skip straight down [...]

DC Comics have just released a teaser poster for upcoming events in their Brightest Day miniseries. The poster features the tagline: Sometimes the light reveals the darkest secrets. The teaser, drawn by Ivan Reis,  hints at events, such as: the emergence of a new Aqualad; the demise (again) of Aquaman; the return of the Anti-Monitor; [...]

DC Comics have just released the first round of solicitations for their highly anticipated Brightest Day event. Debuting in April, Brightest Day will follow on from the events of Blackest Night, and it’s ramifications will be felt across the DC Universe, meaning that many popular DC titles will tie-in to the event. Check out the [...]

DC Comics have just announced that they will be launching a new series of Bird of Prey, which is set to be written by Gail Simone, with artwork by Ed Benes. This new series, beginning this spring, will see Simone return to writing duties on the title after a three year absence. Simone’s run on [...]

As part of their Brightest Day announcements (see here), DC has revealed some details on the new Flash ongoing series by Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul. The series will start in April, and will bear the Brightest Day event banner. In addition, Didio states that: With this book, Geoff and Francis are really bringing Barry [...]