Booster Gold and Blue Beetle to Appear in Smallville


As the world’s worst superhero themed TV show comes to the end of its vastly overextended run, producers are pulling out all the stop to try and keep fans watching to the bitter end. In a last ditch effort to plump up their meager ratings, they are bring Geoff Johns back to pen an episode that will introduce fan favourite characters Booster Gold and Blue Beetle to the show’s mythology.

Johns also wrote season eight’s ‘Legion’, which introduced the Legion of Superheroes, and Season nine’s ‘Justice’, which introduced the Justice Society of America. This latest episode, titled ‘Booster’, and will be broadcast on April 22nd.

With only a handful of episodes left until production wraps up, is it really wise to be introducing even more characters tot he cast of a TV show which is supposed to be about Superboy? Oh well, I wonder if it will give them a spike to their ratings, which are now around the 2 million mark!

Johns tells TV guide:

“The one thing Booster does prove to Clark is that  people want to look up to this guy,” says Geoff Johns, the hugely popular   comic book writer who penned the episode (and previously wrote  Smallville’s  introductions to the Legion of Super-Heroes and the  Justice Society of  America). “They want to be inspired, and no one’s doing it for them.” That’s not to say that Booster’s methods are 100 percent  legit. “This guy always  shows up at the last second to make a dramatic  rescue, which is really suspect,” Johns teases.

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