DC Comics have announced that the Flashpoint tie-ins Booster Gold #45 and Batman: Knight of Vengeance #1 have both sold out at the distributor level, within 42 hours of release. However, please note that while the comic is sold out at the distributor level, your local comic shop may still have copies in stock, so [...]

Over on their Source blog, DC have shared a map of the world of Flashpoint, which was designed by writer Rex Ogle and artist Freddie E. Williams II. It’s pretty intriguing stuff! Check it out below:

DC Comics has announced that the Flashpoint tie-in Booster Gold #44 has sold out at the distributor level, within 48 hours of going on sale. DC are going back to press on the issue, and you can expect to see it on shelve in June! Check out the second printing variant below: Booster Gold #44 [...]

Today, DC released a new teaser for their big Flashpoint event series, which is set to hit shelves this morning. Check it out below:. Click to embiggen!

DC Comics have revealed the covers to July’s Flashpoint #3, and those of the event’s tie-in comic series. You can view them all below: FLASH QUESTION: Will The Flash and his new allies be able to fix the world? FLASHPOINT #3 Written by GEOFF JOHNS Art by ANDY KUBERT and SANDRA HOPE Cover by ANDY [...]

Last week for Flashpoint Friday, DC showed fans a number of Jim Lee and Andy Kubert’s character designs for some of the new characters to appear in Flashpoint (see here). This week, they’ve revealed an in-depth look at Kubert’s designs for the Flashpoint versions of Aquaman and Wonder Woman, as well as a look at [...]

As part of their Flashpoint Friday feature, DC’s The Source blog (now with comments disabled!), has revealed some Jim Lee and Andy Kubert designs for new characters that will appear in Flashpoint. Check them out below: Element Woman, by Jim Lee: Blackout, by Andy Kubert: Sabretooth, by Andy Kubert:

DC announced today that the Geoff Johns penned The Flash series will be coming to at end with issue #12, and will therefore not be tying in to their Flashpoint event. In fact, the only ongoing titles that will have tie to the Flashpoint mini is Booster Gold. I have to say that this really [...]

Last Friday, DC revealed the covers and creative teams to eight of the announced 16 tie-in miniseries for their Flaspoint event. This week, they revealed the covers and creative teams of the remaining eight minis, as well as those of four Flashpoint one-shots. Is it me, or that a ridiculous amount of tie-ins?! Oh well, [...]

DC’s The Source blog has put the call out for fans to submit their questions about their Flashpoint event series, a select few of which will be answered by writer Geoff Johns, artist Andy Kubert, and editor Eddie Berganza on the blog. As a blatant tease, they have suggested that fans might like to ask [...]