DC’s The Flash Comes to an End (YET AGAIN) with Issue #12!


DC announced today that the Geoff Johns penned The Flash series will be coming to at end with issue #12, and will therefore not be tying in to their Flashpoint event. In fact, the only ongoing titles that will have tie to the Flashpoint mini is Booster Gold.

I have to say that this really annoys me. I regularly pick up The Flash, and quite enjoy it, but it’s not just the cancellation that is annoying me, it’s the fact that you know, you just *know* that after Flashpoint, DC will just relaunch the title with another #1 issue! This series has only been running for twelve issues; before that, we had the six-issue Flash: Rebirth; before that, we had a Mark Waid penned The Flash series that only lasted 16 issues; and before that, we had The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive, which only lasted 13 issues!! That’s four Flash series within the space of 5 years! That’s not event including the All Flash one-shot that came out between series!

Lunacy! Please stop doing this! Even as a Flash fan, I am confused. Imagine what it must be like for new readers!

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