Yesterday, DC revealed details on 10 of it’s new ‘#1′ issues which will be coming in September, along with Justice League #1 (see here). To Follow up on that announcement, they have now revealed the details, and creative teams, for all of their rebooted Green Lantern titles, including Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, and two [...]

DC Comics have released the solicitations and cover artwork for all of their ‘Brightest Day‘ tie-in comics to be released in May 2010: BRIGHTEST DAY #1-2 Issue #1 on sale MAY 5 •Issue #2 on sale MAY 19 • 40 pg (#1), 32 pg (#2), FC, $2.99 US Written by GEOFF JOHNS & PETER J. [...]

DC Comics have just released the first round of solicitations for their highly anticipated Brightest Day event. Debuting in April, Brightest Day will follow on from the events of Blackest Night, and it’s ramifications will be felt across the DC Universe, meaning that many popular DC titles will tie-in to the event. Check out the [...]

Blackest Night #6 (of 8 ) is a DC comics superhero crossover ‘event’ comic written by Geoff Johns, with pencils by Ivan Reis, inks by Oclair Albert & Joe Prado, and colours by Alex Sinclair. Because this is the only mainstream comic out this week, and because it’s been a long time since I’ve reviewed [...]