The big news coming out of MegaCon this last weekend, is that it was announced during one of DC’s panels that following the conclusion of Brightest Day, Geoff Johns will be writing a new Aquaman series. Johns then followed this news up on his Twitter account: “Announced at Megacon: After BRIGHTEST DAY I’ll be moving [...]

DC Comics have revealed David Finch’s cover for Brightest Day #2. The cover features a resurrected Aquaman, looking at a Black Lantern reflection of himself in a pool of water. Brightest Day will debut in April with Brightest Day #0, and will be written by Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps writers, Geoff John and [...]

‘Four Color Memories’ by K. Patrick Glover. K. Patrick Glover is the writer of the webcomic The Invisible Skein, which is illustrated by Amanda Hayes. ‘Four Color Memories’ is a column about the comics of our youth, full of nostalgia for the days when heroes were heroes and villains were villains, before the Avengers were [...]