As the world’s worst superhero themed TV show comes to the end of its vastly overextended run, producers are pulling out all the stop to try and keep fans watching to the bitter end. In a last ditch effort to plump up their meager ratings, they are bring Geoff Johns back to pen an episode [...]

It’s Boxing Day! Otherwise known as ‘Christmas Hangover Day’. It’s a day to relax from the stresses of the day before, to properly digest the veritable feast that you consumed, and to nurse the hangover that you got from all the wine and eggnog. Obviously there is very little in the way of content to [...]

CBR have an exclusive interview with Dan Didio on changes that DC plans to make to it’s co-feature/backup stories. Included in this news is the revelation that several comic will loose their co-features completely, including Green Arrow & Black Canary, Doom Patrol, and Booster Gold - which will go back to 32 pages, and a [...]