Geoff Johns to Write a New Aquaman Series!


The big news coming out of MegaCon this last weekend, is that it was announced during one of DC’s panels that following the conclusion of Brightest Day, Geoff Johns will be writing a new Aquaman series.

Johns then followed this news up on his Twitter account:

“Announced at Megacon: After BRIGHTEST DAY I’ll be moving over to a new book - AQUAMAN #1 coming later this year!! ”

No further details are yet available about the new series, but I will post more as it is revealed.

This will be the seventh series bearing the name of the character, who first appeared in More Fun Comics #73, in Nov. 1941. The last Aquaman series was in Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis - a One Year Later comic that was written by Kurt Busiek.

Frankly, I think that Busiek created one of the most interesting Aquaman stories in years, refocusing the series as an underwater fantasy, rather than a superhero comic. I’ll still be sure to check Johns’ series out, but he’ll have to do a hell of a job to make it more interesting that Busiek’s, and therefore not get cancelled.

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