Kickstarter Project for Transmetropolitan Art Book Ends with $46,690 of Funding


For the last two months , I have been charting the success of the Kickstarter Project that was raising funds to publish the Transmetropolitan Art Book.

A couple of weeks ago, I was pleased to announce that the project had hit it’s $26,000 goal early, but that donations were still being accepted until February 14th. Well, I’m overjoyed to announce that people did keep donating, and the project actually closed with $46,690 - $20,690 over what they were looking for!

Huge congratulations to everyone involved behind the scenes (especially one lady, who would probably rather her name wasn’t broadcast), and also, thanks to everyone who donated, because now this will actually get published! My $125 has already been charged, so all your credit cards should be getting charged soon. Please don’t give them the shaft and pull out at this stage!

I should also mention that due to a couple of creators pulling out at the last minute, Eric Trutmann and Brandon Jerwa have now been announced as contributors. I also know a couple of other big names who have yet to to be officially announced, but I am sworn to secrecy!

The overall goal of the Transmetropolitan Art Book is to raise $100,000 to be donated to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and the Hero Initiative. This donation will be comprised of donated books and/or goods and promotional events afforded through the fundraising efforts on Kickstarter. No licensing fees or sales proceeds will be directed to DC Comics, Warren Ellis, or Darick Robertson. All of the participating artists are donating new original art for the book.

If you are only just now hearing about this, The CBLDF is offering to take contact information for a mass-emailing when copies become available in late Spring 2011.

1.) Please include “Transmet art book” in your subject line.
2.) Include your first and last name.
3.) Send to [email protected]

Please DO NOT include credit card or financial information in these emails. This email does not guarantee a copy of the book. Pricing will be determined at the time the product becomes available. The slipcased edition will not be available through this mailing list.

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