Breaking News: Transmetropolitan Set to Return in 2011!


Earlier this month, a new twitter user calling themselves Transmet ( appeared on the popular social networking site. Well, I just got a hot tip that this is the official Twitter stream for Transmetropolitan, the Vertigo comics series by Warren Ellis and Darick Roberton. What’s interesting is that these were their first tweets:

Transmet: Tomorrow is the first Tuesday of September. Tomorrow, we begin. #TransmetTuesday 10:07 PM Sep 6th via web

Transmet: A very successful #TransmetTuesday for team #Transmet2011 Tues we’ll have to tell you all about it. But not today, this Tues is DONE. 11:40 PM Sep 7th via web

Transmet2011? This grabbed my attention, so I decided to ask a few questions:

edkaye: @Transmet So, what is #TransmetTuesday?

Transmet: @edkaye It was supposed to be the day we updated on our super secret book project. But it is so super secret, that didn’t work out. (1/ 2)

Transmet: @edkaye Maybe when the book is a further along we’ll be able to drop some preview material. (2 / 2)

edkaye: @Transmet Now that is secretive! I look forward to seeing the preview material!

Transmet: @edkaye Well thanks for the interest Ed! Stay tuned, and we’ll try to make that happen for you.

edkaye: @Transmet Also, who is involved in #Transmet2011?

Transmet: @edkaye We can confirm that @darickr and @warrenellis are lending us a hand with a brand new cover and a foreword! We’re very excited.

edkaye: @Transmet Well that sounds fantastic. Does the project have a new home?

Transmet: @edkaye All I can tell you is that the property still has a home at DC Comics & Vertigo, co-owned by @warrenellis & @darickr. Stay tuned!

edkaye: @Transmet Well, thanks for the info, I look forward to finding out more!

So, there you have it folks, you heard it here first. Transmetropolitan will return to comics in 2011 through DC/Vertigo. It sounds like we will have a new creative team (or teams), but that the project will still be co-owned by Warren Ellis and Darick Roberton, and that Warren will be writing a foreword, and Darick will be providing a new cover. The fact that that they said ‘cover’ and ‘foreword’ singular implies to me that this may be an OGN, or maybe a one-shot.

UPDATE: I have just been informed that this will be a charity book. To make it clear, the series is not returning.

Well, expect more news to surface shortly, along with some preview pages. I, for one, cannot wait!

p.s. I normally tweet site news with the handle Hypergeek, but running two twitter stream can get confusing!

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