Rob Williams Signs Exclusive Contract with Marvel Comics!


I have just found out that this afternoon, during a liveblog on the upcoming Iron Age event, Marvel Comics announced that they have signed writer Rob Williams on an exclusive contract! To followers of Rob’s career, this won’t come as a huge surprise, because along with the Iron Age, Rob is currently writing a Skaar: King of the Savage Land miniseries, and will be taken over as writer of Daken: Dark Wolverine, as well as launching a new Ghost Rider series.

Earlier this week, it was announced that Rob will be writing a Terminator & Robocop crossover at Dynamite entertainment, so with other publishers trying to to get a piece of him, it makes sense that Marvel would want to keep him to themselves.

I’m incredibly happy to hear this news, and want to offer my congratulation to Rob. Not only is he one of my favourite writers, but I’m lucky enough to count him amongst my internet friends. I have been following his work for a number of years now, first at 2000 AD and com.x then later at Marvel, and I couldn’t be more leased for him!

*pictured above with Andi Ewington, who I also expect to become huge this year!

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