Rob Williams to Write The Iron Age for Marvel


With all of the announcements coming out of C2E2, this last weekend, it looks like I missed the news that as well as launching a new Ghost Rider series for Marvel, Rob Williams will also be writing a new project called The Iron Age, with artist Rebekah Isaacs.

According to, in Iron Age, Iron Man leads a rag-tag band of heroes from bygone eras in a desperate battle against the Dark Phoenix.

The project kicks off in June with The Iron Age: Alpha, which will be followed by six one-shots throughout the summer, and will conclude in August with The Iron Age: Omega.

In an interview with, Williams says that:

The initial thought on The Iron Age was one of those ‘eureka’ moments,” reports Williams. “I’m a huge NFL fan and was reading a magazine article on the success of the Throwbacks weekends, where teams wear their old uniforms. And then I figured, why don’t we do that with a one-off super team? Put some of our favorite heroes from today together in their old outfits. Any old time Marvel fan would love to see Luke Cage in his headband, Johnny Storm in his red FF outfit [and] Captain Britain in his classic [Alan] Moore/[Alan] Davis 80’s uniform all fighting side-by-side. From there it was just working out the logistics of how we could pull this off and tell an emotionally engaging story, one that worked as a thrilling adventure and that had something to say about the longevity of these characters and why we love them so much. A story that occurs in today’s Marvel Universe and actually matters to the main characters, rather than being a What If? type of deal.

To read the full interview, head to

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