Rob Williams & Matthew Clark to Relaunch Ghost Rider in June


This last weekend at C2E2, Marvel announced that they we be relaunching Ghost Rider as an ongoing series this June, with the creative team of writer Rob Williams and artist Matthew Clark.

The series will launch with a special #0.1 issue, and Williams told CBR that:

I think a “Ghost Rider” series should have a Faustian pact. When we open our series Blaze is going to be given the option of entering into one with a mysterious figure. This figure offers him the chance to get rid of the Ghost Rider, but the curse will then pass to someone else and he won’t know who’s going to inherit it. It’s like the old conundrum where someone will give you a million dollars, but someone in China who you never met before will die.

A large part of the first issue is reestablishing the fact that Johnny Blaze didn’t get attractive super powers and a chance to live this great, exciting life. The Ghost Rider is a curse. Every time he turns into Ghost Rider the flesh boils off his body. He feels it and smells the flesh burning. Being the Ghost Rider is a horrible thing and in order to get rid of it he’ll have to pass it along to an innocent. Is he willing to do that? Because that’s a really horrible thing to do to somebody you’ve never met before. Only he and Danny Ketch really know how horrible a thing it is. He’s so desperate, though, that he considers it. Then the series follows the potential repercussions of that.

I don’t want to give too much away here, but the initial arc is called “Give up the Ghost,” and that’s exactly what Johnny is tempted to do in a moment of selfishness. From that point on it’s a redemption tale for Johnny.

To read the full interview, click here.

Congratulation to Rob for his second ongoing Marvel gig, after it was announced a few weeks ago that he would be taking over writing Daken: Dark Wolverine in April.

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