I have just found out that this afternoon, during a liveblog on the upcoming Iron Age event, Marvel Comics announced that they have signed writer Rob Williams on an exclusive contract! To followers of Rob’s career, this won’t come as a huge surprise, because along with the Iron Age, Rob is currently writing a Skaar: [...]

This last weekend at C2E2, Marvel announced that they we be relaunching Ghost Rider as an ongoing series this June, with the creative team of writer Rob Williams and artist Matthew Clark. The series will launch with a special #0.1 issue, and Williams told CBR that: I think a “Ghost Rider” series should have a [...]

‘Four Color Memories’ by K. Patrick Glover K. Patrick Glover is the writer of the upcoming webcomic The Invisible Skein, which is being illustrated by Amanda Hayes, and the first chapter of the story is set to appear on the web on December 14th. ‘Four Color Memories’ is a column about the comics of our [...]