Chris Burnham Accepts Exclusive Contract with DC Comics; New Artist on Batman Inc.


DC Comics announced today that artist Chris Burnham has signed an exclusivity contract with the publisher, becoming a permanent part of the Batman group. The artist came to the attention of the publisher after he helped out on a few pages of Batman & Robin #16.

DC editor Michael Mart says of Burnham’s artwork:

“Chris brings a unique look to Batman-it’s difficult to define his style or compare him to others-he’s truly an artist in an area all of his own”

Burnham looks to have replaced Yanick Paquette on Batman Inc., as he has provided artwork for Batman Inc. #4, which is out next week. Previously, it was announced that Paquette would pencil the issue. DC have also said that he is currently working on issue #6 and #7 of the title.

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