Twittering Away! 31-July-08


Keep up with my sad Twitter life:

09:13 @sispurrier Get a glass, put beer in it, cover the top with cling film, poke a tiny hole in film. Flies go in, but can’t get out, genius! #

09:14 Morning Cycling Soundtrack: ‘The Perfect Element, Part 1′ by Pain of Salvation. Nice! #

09:23 @raymondconlon I think you might find that character exists: Captain America #

09:40 @warrenellis I’d be up for that, I’ll have to slip evil horses into every response though #

09:47 Fuck me, check out this guy dissing Neil Gaiman on his blog, kudos to Neil for responding in a civil way: #

09:59 @leahmoore Curry?? What radio show is he on? #

12:50 @BenMcCool Evil - now set the web on fire #

12:52 @sispurrier Hah, I’m not surprised, the prairies are so fucking dull it would inspire me to commit random acts of violence! #

13:37 @NewsaramaBlog Hahahahaha! Very Funny! #

13:42 @templesmith You look like the guy that says "Are you sure this is the store you meant to come into, Sir?" before showing you the exit #

13:58 the replacement scrabulous: #

15:35 @drhorrible I though cafepress were a reputable company, how did they end up doing dodgy merchandise?? #

15:36 @Agent_M 8:23 on Saturday #

17:14 @khuxford Hahaha. I wonder where the traveling Pants will go next. I can’t wait to find out… #

17:18 I love skipping lunch, then staying 2 hours late to fix a Mass Spectrometer. I LOVE riding home 30km without having eaten since 11 a.m. !! #

17:43 @templesmith That the way we roll up here. You have to do something to keep entertained after hours of boring prairie driving #

17:45 @johnreppion Nice one! I’m still at work without speakers, so I can’t listen. Let me know if you get a stream going of it or something. #

22:51 top story on the CBC new (apart from the bus beheading) - Scrabulous taken offline. #

23:01 @Agent_M If you want to catalog comics for free, my buddy runs this awesome Facebook app: #

23:07 guy offered me a lift home while cycling home. I declined, cycled the extra 15km in rain, safe option, all bodily orifices are un-penetrated #

23:26 @khuxford Hey, you could always read the books the films are based on. Might add a whole new dimension #

23:26 @khuxford Jeez, there are 4 books, hopefully not going to be 4 films #

23:28 @davidbishop That might be the weirdest tweet ever. I’m not sure whether to laugh or feel sad… #

23:30 Wowio has gone global. It is safe to say I will never be bored at work again #

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