Twittering Away! 06-August-08


Keep up with my sad Twitter life:

07:12 good morning world. The weather is going to be +30C today. Someone else want to cycle to work for me? groan! #

07:13 @phonogramcomic oh Gem, you are truly outrageous! #

09:23 estimated water losses at 40% - in need of Fremen Stillsuit to maintain bodily moisture in desert like climate… #

10:42 @rickiep00h What are you writing? #

12:38 @templesmith Happy Anniversary!!! #

12:42 @dlmacpherson Nice, didn’t make it to LCS last week, so I’ve a DMTNT in my box too. It’ll be a Dwight overload, or Mc attack if you prefer! #

12:56 @warrenellis Or a throne at least, check this link out: #

13:06 @dlmacpherson Hah! Awesome! Sorry I had to put Mc, twitter needs a bigger word count. I hate when people write Kay, which they ALWAYS do! #

13:17 @Agent_M Scream for me Agent M, SCREAM FOR ME!!!!! #

13:59 Having a panic attack because you don’t know what comics are in stores today? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered: #

16:58 @BenMcCool @templesmith Hah! Love it! 70% genitals eh? That sound like something I would like to see Ben draw! (did that sound gay?) #

17:24 @templesmith I think Richard Branson already owns one of those Islands. No surprise there. #

17:46 just did another 2h over-time. I need a new job, preferably one where people will pay me to write. Any takers?? #

21:07 ohhhhhh Purple Garden, your Chinese food is so tasty, yum yum! #

22:22 My wife is preparing Tea and Ice Cream, she is deserving of the highest praise #

22:37 @jasonaaron tempting #

22:38 My Carbon Footprint is 3 tonnes. Beat that! #

23:07 @mattfraction interesting idea! I just joined the group to support it. Thanks for the link. #

23:09 @khuxford Ha Ha…I wish we could get Cartoon Network up here, if only for Adult Swim, our cartoon channel blows #

23:19 dear iTunes, if this is a party shuffle, it would be the most fucked up Party of all time! #

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