Twittering Away! 23-July-2008


OK, time for a new nightly feature. I have seen Warren Ellis and a few other people run this autoscript on their sites, and I thought, if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me (don’t question the logic). So, without further ado, I invite you to:

Keep up with my sad Twitter life:

00:15 @mattfraction I doubt it. I am such a man I had my tear ducts removed, so I will never appear weak! #

00:41 says Oh God, why did I take 250 photos in RAW format this weekend. That is a lot of data to process. Oh crap, to bed, for I am up at 6 a.m. #

09:25 @sispurrier soz, I’m used to talking to yanks/canucks who ask me, so England, Britain, Scotland, Ireland, the UK - what’s the difference? #

09:28 @sispurrier I once had a girl ask whether everyone in Britain lived in castles. I laughed, they did not #

09:30 @sispurrier I always get introduced as Ed, from London. I have tell them that I am from nowhere near London, people just don’t get it #

10:26 @leahmoore RE: holding for BT. Better cancel your plans for the rest of the day #

10:35 @warrenellis where I went last weekend to see family it was 40C. I thought my skin would melt from my bones. There were people in coats! WTF #

13:26 Hey, my ugly mug is on I don’t have the beard now though #

13:51 @mckelvie Yeah, yeah… I think you just want greasy fan boys to get up close and personal, if you know what I mean #

19:26 God damn it twitter, get a new server! #

19:36 @sispurrier I love that one! We were buying some books and the clerk noticed my wife’s accent and said "omigod, you’re like totally British" #

19:37 @sispurrier so my wife said "yes, I’m from the south, near Winchester" so the girl said "Do you know my friend Julie? She’s from Manchester" #

19:39 @sispurrier Thing is here the convo would go "I’m from southern Ontario", "Do you know my buddy, Doug? He’s from Thunderbay" #

19:41 @sispurrier and, no joke as I actually seen it happen, they reply "Doug Bailey? yeah, he went to college with my brother". WTF?? #

22:18 @remender Do you think DC would go for it if we co-wrote a ‘Head’ mini-series? "Submission to Cuteness!" "Have cheese or death!". heh #

22:55 @Remender hehe! I won’t hold my breath mate Then again, Dan Didio may very well be insane, so… #

22:59 asks: dear Twitter, why am I now only following 6 people, and have 0 followers? Oh yes, you suck, that is why. #

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2 Responses to “Twittering Away! 23-July-2008”
  1. Kevin Huxford says:

    There’s a script that does that for you? Link?

  2. Edward Kaye says:

    Sure, you can find it here:

    It will only post automatically by atom, which apparently won’t work by blogger, so they are working on a new solution. They will email it to you though, so you can just cut and paste it straight in.

    It seems twitter is FUBAR at the moment. All my follower/following data has disappeared. They say they are working on it though.

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