Twittering Away! 07-August-08


Keep up with my sad Twitter life:

00:16 @idsharman Well Done mate! I’m glad we can get Wowio outside the states now. Though some content seems to have been removed. #

13:33 I’ve been to town too many times today. I’m sick of the Scum-Pussies and Jism-Monkeys. I have to venture out again, might take a gun! #

14:56 @templesmith that drives me mad too, what is with the fucked up Legal paper, it is really, really long. What is the point of it! #

15:33 @templesmith Sweet! #

15:43 @johnreppion haha! And I’m sure you informed him that Adam West was the one and only true Batman! Still haven’t seen that, was it good? #

15:44 has to rush out again. why is this day off busier than an actual work day. Balls. #

19:55 @warrenellis RE: Children. Well said, and very true. #

20:10 @Avatarpress Got Crossed #0 today. Great stuff from Garth and Jacen. Gonna review it on my site tomorrow. Lots of cool stuff from u guys atm #

20:15 Does anyone else feel Nauseous when they hear Genesis P-Orridge’s voice? He sounds so creepy, like he wants to sodomize me with a whisk. #

20:34 @khuxford Haha! #

20:35 @Remender That was a good link. My wife and I no longer use placcy bags, we use backpacks, or re-usable bags. Yeah… I rock ;-P #

20:43 @Remender My Lab does lots of work for the EPA, testing for toxins from plastics, pharmaceutics etc. It is frightening where they turn up. #

20:56 @Remender I’ve learn lots of stuff I could do without knowing. e.g. never eat microwave popcorn, the bag is lined with PFOA (carcinogen) #

21:01 @Remender We try not use ours much. They say something is safe, then 20 years later they tell you it might have given lots of people cancer. #

21:02 @khuxford Loads of stores up here will now give you 5c back for every bag you don’t need, or reuse, it’s a good idea. #

21:06 @khuxford Hah! Canada’s pretty green. CC company emailed and said if I no longer get a paper statement, they will give $5 a month to charity #

21:08 My wife is out, and I can’t be arsed to turn the lights on. Sitting here in pitch black, so lazy, and need tea! #

21:43 @tonymoore Maybe one could be you, and one your bowels. You could talk back and forth. There’s a story in there somewhere… #

23:21 New blog post: Just give me a cup of coffee, and nobody needs to die today!! #

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