Twittering Away! 02-August-08


Keep up with my sad Twitter life:

00:20 @khuxford Nah, the beta has crashed on me a couple of times. I switched to FF because Paypal and online banking say Safari is unsecured #

01:09 Good morning my British friends. The fact that you are all waking up indicates that I should be winding down for sleep #

17:54 @johnreppion Tut tut! What you gonna watch? #

17:55 feels bad after spending the day vegging on the couch watching bad 80s comedy movies #

18:00 @pauljholden Thanks for the boil info yummy! #

18:03 @wilw @cascio When I was a teen. I heard a noise in bed, I turned the light on, and the cat was chewing the head off a large Pheasant. #

18:04 @wilw @cascio There was blood soaked grain pouring out of its gullet. It was twice as big as the damn cat! Crazy thing! #

18:06 @BrianLynch TempleSITH? Puns are definitely the way to go I thought the two circles + line was your self-portrait? #

18:26 @templesmith Paris Hilton reading an ashcan of Welcome to Hoxford #1 - "That’s totally hot". Templesmith blows his brains out #

18:52 @warrenellis RE:Kim Kardashian - You’re lucky you don’t. Think Jordan with a big ass and valley accent #

18:54 @johnreppion Hah! The beauty of really crappy horror films is that they are still enjoyable. Just watching cheap gore and bad acting is fun #

19:05 @johnreppion not MST3K material then. I like watching ones that scared me as a kid, and realizing that they were actually really crappy #

19:19 @johnreppion Yeah, that was a terrible movie. I’ve seen a couple of the sequels on late-night TV, and they are just painful. It’s a shame.. #

19:19 @johnreppion that so many good Stephen King short stories get turned into such crappy movies #

19:25 @johnreppion True. IT featuring Tim Curry is fucking brilliant. Tim Curry scared me off clowns for life #

19:25 Right, I’m off out to a Club. I haven’t been clubbing for about 5 years. I’ll be out-of-place looking guy, drinking alone in the corner. #

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