During an exclusive interview with Comic Book Resources, Mike Mignola has revealed that he will once again be collaborating with legendary artist Richard Corben, on the first ever Hellboy OGN - Hellboy: House of the Living Dead. The graphic novel, which will be released by Dark Horse Comics in the Fall, will focus on Hellboy’s [...]

From the press release: TERM LIMITS AJ Lieberman takes on crime noir with TERM LIFE OGN Berkeley, CA - 22 October 2021 - What would you do if you had a family to care for, but everyone from the mob to dirty cops wants you dead? Writer AJ Lieberman (COWBOY NINJA VIKING) and artist Nick [...]

From the solicitation: SYNDROME Original Graphic Novel Hardcover Retail Price: $19.95 Page Count: 112 pages Format: hardcover with dust jacket, 7.25” x 11.25”, full color On-Sale Date: September 9 in comic shops; September 21 in bookstores Created by Blake Leibel Written by Daniel Quantz and R.J. Ryan Illustrated by David Marquez Photo cover by Michael [...]

From the press release Markosia Enterprises solicited the much anticipated original graphic novel The Dark in the January 2010 edition of Diamond Comic Distribution’s Previews catalogue (order code: JAN100699). 100 pages in length, the graphic novel contains the complete story as devised by UK scribe Chris Lynch and US based artist Rick Lundeen and has [...]

As a follow-up to Diamond Distribution’s Top 20 Publishers, Top 300 Comics, and Top 300 TPBs & GNs for December 2009, I have used the raw data to construct the sales charts for small press titles, published in December 2009. To see the charts for independently published comics for December 2009, please click here. What [...]

DC Comics have announced an upcoming OGN called Teen Titans: Games, to be written by Marv Wolfman, with artwork by George Perez. The 120-page original graphic novel will feature a missing adventure from Wolfman and Perez’s classic run on The New Teen Titans. The pair started putting the story together in 1987, so the story [...]

The Dark is an upcoming graphic novel, published by AAM Markosia. Written by Chris Lynch, with artwork by Rick Lundeen, the book is a science-fiction story with a superhero slant, which tells the story of Daniel Abbot, a fringe scientist, and the creator creator of Memetech - a technology that encodes information and memories into [...]

The Small Press Spotlight is a semi-regular feature on Hypergeek where I dedicate an article to all the excellent small press and indie publishers out there, as well as self-publishing artists. This is accomplished in the form of company/creator profiles, highlights of key works, reviews of the company/individual’s latest releases, and general articles about the [...]

Oni Press have informed Hypergeek that Antony Johnston is writing a new Cold War spy thriller OGN (Original Graphic Novel) for the publishing house, called Cold City, which is set for a late 2010 release! I am a huge fan of Antony Johnston’s writing, particularly his Magnum Opus, the creator owned series, Wasteland, as well [...]

Insomnia Café is an Original Graphic Novel written and illustrated by acclaimed Turkish illustrator and New York Times and New Yorker contributor M.K Perker (Cairo, Air). Insomnia Café is a 80-page hardcover book, and marks M.K. Perker’s America solo debut! Insomnia Café opens on a scene of a man sleeping in a park. The man [...]