During an exclusive interview with Comic Book Resources, Mike Mignola has revealed that he will once again be collaborating with legendary artist Richard Corben, on the first ever Hellboy OGN - Hellboy: House of the Living Dead. The graphic novel, which will be released by Dark Horse Comics in the Fall, will focus on Hellboy’s [...]

Dark Horse Presents #1 is a Dark Horse Comics release (duh!), which was released on Wednesday, April 20th, 2011. The comic rings in at a massive 80 pages, for the low price of $7.99 an issue. The stories in the issue are written by Frank Miller, Harlan Ellison, Howard Chaykin, Neal Adams, Richard Corben, Carla [...]

We are now well into 2011, and I think that pretty much everybody has finished posting their best of 2010 lists. Well, I figure it’s about time to stop looking back, and start looking forward. To this end, I have put together a list of comic related things that I am looking forward to in [...]