Mike Mignola Announces Hellboy: House of the Living Dead OGN - Art by Richard Corben!


During an exclusive interview with Comic Book Resources, Mike Mignola has revealed that he will once again be collaborating with legendary artist Richard Corben, on the first ever Hellboy OGN - Hellboy: House of the Living Dead.

The graphic novel, which will be released by Dark Horse Comics in the Fall, will focus on Hellboy’s time in Mexico, an era in his history that was briefly touched upon with last year’s Hellboy in Mexico one-shot.

I’m pretty excited about this announcement, as I’m a huge fan of both Mike Mignola and Richard Corben, and their past collaborations on The Crooked Man, The Bride of Hell, Double Feature of Evil, and Hellboy in Mexico have been some of my favourite ever HB stories.

To read the full interview, head over to CBR.

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